The Guardsman’s watch was born out of a passion for authentic and resilient timepieces and a personal affiliation with the Royal Life Guards.

A team of watch designers and military professionals have combined their expertise to create a tactical timepiece equipped with multiple features directly relating to the history and duties of the Royal Life Guards.

Punctuality and precise adherence to timing are still, after several centuries critical elements in performing guard duty at the royal palaces.

It is possible to engrave personal information relating to your active military service on the back case of the watch.


The watch designers have analysed the timing ritual of the Royal Life Guards on their 24 hour duty, whilst also observing the tough conditions endured in action. Therefore the watch has been designed as a durable watch capable of handling extreme conditions as well as maintaining clear and accurate timekeeping for the on duty guard.


The establishment of The Royal Life Guards in 1658 as an infantry regiment by King Frederik 3 was part of a reorganisation of the Danish Army during the wars against Sweden 1657-59. The King needed a reliable military unit to protect himself and his family.

The main traditions of The Royal Life Guards are still the same:
Foremost is the guarding of the Sovereign. This national operation takes place by securing the royal palaces; Amalienborg, Christiansborg and Rosenborg in Copenhagen, Fredensborg in North Zealand, Graasten Palace in Southern Jutland and Marselisborg in Aarhus, Jutland. The guard duties follow the whereabouts of the royal family. Traditionally, the guardsmen come from all parts of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Secondly The Royal Life Guards is a modern infantry regiment. The battalions and companies take part in international operations in cooperation with units from other nations within the alliance or in a coalition force.

The Guardsman’s watch is the first ever official watch for The Royal Life Guards. It is approved to use the regimental badge and has full military approval.

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